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Yabause 0.9.13 Windows 32-bit build now up

December 31, 2013 • CyberWarriorX • Release, Site

Sorry for the delay, now the 32-bit windows build is on the download page. Also, an issue was fixed causing problems with Windows XP. So if you’re running Windows XP(32/64-bit) this is the build for you.

In the future we may end up dropping support for 32-bit(or at least possibly drop doing builds). It was a major mess trying to compile with newer versions of mingw and qt. Also since most people have switched to 64-bit Windows and most hardware released in the last 5-10 years supports 64-bit it’s just become a headache to support a small group that doesn’t want to switch.

If you haven’t already and your hardware supports it, I would suggest you consider switching over sooner than later.

Also, Happy New Year!

GoldenEgg Says:

I noticed with OS X build is up too! Is there any way on OS X to run fullscreen without stretch the image? I can’t seem to get it to keep the original aspect ratio. I’m using the software renderer, as OGL just displays a black image.

BlueCrab Says:

Unfortunately, there’s a problem with the OpenGL renderer in 0.9.13 on OS X. I’ve tracked the issue down to one particular revision (actually one changed line of code), but as reverting that line could very well break things in the other versions, I haven’t done so. I’m waiting to hear back from Guillaume for further information on that particular problem.

As for keeping the original aspect ratio, no there isn’t any way to do so in the OS X version currently. I’ll look into doing it sometime soon in the repository, and perhaps getting an updated binary posted with that and (hopefully) a fixed OpenGL renderer.

Roberto (Brazil) Says:

Thanks for the 32 Bit Version, I understand the difficult you’re having compiling for the 32 bit version, but I think lots of people still have 32 bit Windows, more than it seems.


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