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Yabause 0.9.13, and 10 years !?!

December 15, 2013 • CyberWarriorX • Release, Site

So we’re back again with another big release! it also happens to be Yabause’s 10th anniversary this year(as of September) so more things to celebrate!

10 reasons to enjoy this version of Yabause:

  • Working Netlink emulation over LAN/internet
  • CD audio emulation fixes
  • Support for mdf/mds (version 1) dumps
  • CD+G
  • GDB stub
  • Saturn mouse and 3D control pad
  • Awesome new SH2 debugging features
  • More user-friendly interface
  • At least 0.0.1 more than any previous version
  • And of course, better overall emulation

Also, if you want to help contribute to the cause, there’s plenty you can do, and it doesn’t even require programming knowledge!

  1. We need Translators!
  2. We need documentation improvements!
  3. If that doesn’t suit you, how about a $10.10 donation to celebrate our 10th year?
Samir Says:

Thanks!!! Great Job! Greetings from Argentina!!

bearmon2010 Says:

Good job but I am staying with SSF emulator for now. I am downloading yours just to add to my library but I am skipping it because you have .exe and I dont want to installed it. Please make a binary and zip it. Many people dont like to installed the emulator instead. Thanks.

CyberWarriorX Says:

Binary zip version has been added to the download page

jinno Says:

Is there any chance of Win32 version? Windows XP users are still common…

CyberWarriorX Says:

A win32 version is planned, but we’re currently having some issues doing the build. Once those are resolved, it should go up. Sorry about that.

Adrian1369 Says:

Where is the Mac version !

jinno Says:

OK, I’m looking forward for it. Thanks in advance!

Bertrand Says:

Hello !

Thanks for this great news, do you plan to add MacosX binaries ? I’ve try to compile on Mavericks but it doesn’t work anymore

Thanks again for your hard work to let Saturn emulation open source


guillaume.duhamel Says:

We will post Mac and Win32 binaries soon.

bearmon2010 Says:


Thank you very much for x64 and binary zip. ABOUT TIME! Thanks again!

Ferdinand Says:

Greetings and TIA for the Win32 version

paul_met Says:

In The Story of thor 2 starts as soon as introductory video – black screen. Controls does not respond.

SaturnAR Says:

Thanks for the release and Happy 10 dev years.


GoldenEgg Says:

Congrats on 10 years! Looking forward to the OS X release. I’ll send a donation your way after the holidays.

James Says:

Yay! welcome back

bearmon2010 Says:

Where is the 32 bit ? I like to get both.

bearmon2010 Says:

Hello ??

GoldenEgg Says:

@bearmon2010 – If you’d actually read the comments here, rather than demanding they respond to you, you’d already have your answer.

“CyberWarriorX Says:
December 18th, 2013 at 1:07 pm
A win32 version is planned, but we’re currently having some issues doing the build. Once those are resolved, it should go up. Sorry about that.”

MMcFly Says:

Great to see a new version!
However, this new version is for me far slower than 0.9.12 (Story of Thor 2, software renderer, OSX 10.9 on macbook air)

Gabriel Says:

Congratz on the 10 years! I will have to wait for the w32 version to test it, best wishes for you

Samuel Nogueira Says:

Thank you all for the hard work! I’ll wait for the win 32 bits version…
Cheers from Brazil!

Russ Says:

Beautiful. Thank you.

Can’t wait to see things develop further in OpenEmu.

Roberto (Brazil) Says:

Thanks for the update, I’m also waiting for the win32 version.


Roberto (Brazil) Says:

BTW, if you need help translating the emulator to Portuguese you can count on me!

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