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Yabause 0.9.12

January 23, 2013 • guillaume.duhamel • Release

Only 14 months since last release and here’s a new Yabause release already!
This new release is about change, on both the user interface and the emulation core.

We added an essential feature missing in Qt port: the debug interface. With this new feature, we now recommend the Qt port as default port for Linux (and friends) and Windows. You can also use it on Mac OS X or you can use the specific Cocoa port. This port gained a new feature too: it can now loads ISO and BIN/CUE files, so you can play on a Mac without an optical drive.

There’s been many changes on the emulation side too: The software renderer is now a big boy and now handles transparency and many other VDP2 features, making many more games playable. The OpenGL renderer also include a number of new features, but as the software renderer, though slower, is running more games, we made it the default.

The last big thing in this release is it will be the last to support some options, mainly ports, that we will remove as we can’t, or don’t want, to maintain them anymore.

First, we remove three ports that have been superceded by better alternatives:

  • the native Windows port in favor of the Qt port;
  • the Carbon port for the Cocoa one;
  • the Wii port, you can find a better one on WiiBrew

The PSP port will disappear too, except if someone feels like taking it over.

On the technical side, this will also be the last release to be buildable with autotools and we’re dropping support for autopackage.

Marques Says:

Thank you! With the emulation scene slowing down, especially sega consoles, I wasn’t expecting a new release already. It’s great news!

Francisco Gómez Says:

Great, Yabause looks so up-to-date now! ;P

P. S.: Are you going to port it *again* to Dreamcast? Hope you do so :)

BlueCrab Says:

@Francisco: The Dreamcast port is still in the code and will stay there. It isn’t one of the ports that was removed for this release. There just weren’t any improvements that affected the Dreamcast port for this release, so there wasn’t really any reason to update it to 0.9.12.

I’m the one that ported Yabause to the Dreamcast in the first place, and I’m still the one that maintains the port. It still works on the Dreamcast as is, there just weren’t any improvements to the Dreamcast version versus 0.9.11, as many of the improvements in this release were GUI related and in the other various parts that the Dreamcast version doesn’t use (like the OpenGL-based renderer and the Software renderer). Suffice it to say that when there are any improvements to the Dreamcast version, it’ll get updated just like all the other versions.

LinuxGameCast Weekly EP23 — Tickle Me Venn | Linux Game Cast Says:

[…] http://yabause.org/2013/01/23/yabause-0-9-12/ […]

noradninja Says:

When I try to run an iso of Panzer Dragoon Saga,m after playing the into movies when it is supposed to go to the actual game, it crashed with ‘Invalid SH 2 Opcode’. Mac OS X port.

guillaume.duhamel Says:

@noradninja PDS is supposed to go ingame, so it may be a problem with your dump… you can try dumping your game again, or use your real CD.

MikeW Says:

Yay! Time to reminisce with some good ol’ shmups!

William Stonehocker Says:

A new release. I wish external controller support and the ability to do HD was there.

Kiggles Says:

Noice! I was a bit worried Saturn emulation might have all but died. Thanks for not disappointing!

SirEdge Says:

First time here, but I love you guys.

Perfect since I just nabbed a sealed copy of Sakura Taisen for a few cents.

TheMan Says:

Just passing by to thank you soooo much for your hardwork
so far this is the only saturn emulator that gives me a decent speed
Please keep up the great work!!

Darkghost Says:

Thank you guys, very good work. Your emulator is very promising, continue like that. I hope you will fix the sound in Fighter Megamix, my favorite game on this console and there is still no very good emulation of it. I’m considering to make a donation next month :)

KeWLMoNk Says:

This updated release couldn’t have come at a better time! I am in the middle of updating the PC in my MAME Arcade machine and having a Sega Saturn emulator was at the top of my list of things to add. I’ve had SO much trouble with others in the past with my Front End (Maximus Arcade in Win 7 x64) – so this is truly a welcome surprise! Keep up the great work, and thanks for not forgetting that there are many of us out here that love the Saturn, and wish to keep playing! I still have my original system, but some games just deserve to be played on my arcade machine :)

exodus Says:

Hi! just dropped by to say thanks!

With no good options to emulate saturn it is nice to know you are still working on it!

Keep it up, we all are thankful!

Kamo Says:

Great work!!!!

Are you going to port it to android? * – *

daveloper Says:

great relase! nice to see the beloved saturn to live again…
I’ve got the error:
“File not found:
Cannot initialize ISO-File Virtual Drive”
what am I doing wrong?


Long time without a notice about Yabause. But now I got 9.12 😉

Friend, THANK YOU for developing this great Saturn emulator, TY!

Hugs from Brasil.

Padrez Says:

Thank you) Emulator is not perfect, but it is easy to set up and in my humble opinion best emulator of Sega Saturn ))PS Greetings from Ukraine)2 PS Sorry for my english)

Meem Says:

Thank you for 0.9.12.
Thank you Yabause.

Panzer Dragoon Zwei moves slow… but, great.
I like Yabause!!

geaestay Says:

Now i can play Rayman on my macbook air!!

shooter Says:

But how can I use the translation file(.yts)?
I do load the file ,but it just doesn’t work anymore.

noradninja Says:

Thanks for the info about the dump, I re-dumped my discs and its working good now.

Only question: When I run PDS in the OpenGL Renderer on Mac OS X, the speed seems to be cut about half. Doubt it’s my machine, I have an 8-core Mac Pro with 11GB RAM and a Radeon 5770 1GB…anyone know whats up with that?

Dogertyboy Says:

hi … why port on dreamcast in code ?
plz build this port for burning on cd….

Russ Says:

Thank you so much for this update. Got some great Saturn memories & it’s nice to be able to go back to them.

ASMpergers Says:

Nice work on adding VDP2 color addition. Now all you need is VDP1 interlaced mode, FM synthesis, and proper reading of the controller port in SH2 direct mode.

Xyberdyne Says:

Thank you

thainferno Says:

how can i get it to work on the wii

guillaume.duhamel Says:

@thainferno Use the version on WiiBrew: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Yabause_Wii

TeknoRider Says:

Oh no, the PSP Port will dissapear…

mithweth Says:

@noradninja I’ve got the same trouble. To fix it, don’t use “BIOS Emulation” and use a real Saturn BIOS (in “Settings…” page). You also have to set “Software” as your Video Adapter

dimitri Says:

Thank you for your great work!!!!


pitfallharry Says:

great work!!!!! thanks!!! please for next version!!! please…try to work the ASTAL game. now are black screen!!!


Mike Lee Says:

Please do not give up android Sega Saturn emulator,I hope you can accomplish it,we can play store bought

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