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Yabause 0.9.11

November 27, 2011 • guillaume.duhamel • Release

That is not dead which can eternal lie…

Two years after 0.9.10, we finally released a new version, 0.9.11.
This new release introduce many new things: a dynarec, a Cocoa port, a new build system and lots of other cool stuff: Test it now!.

Benjamin Siskoo Says:

Yeah, a new release, keep up the good work. And thank you very much… :)

VasiliyRS Says:

Hello, can you update dreamcast build too ?

Cyberzinho Punk Says:

Thanks for this update, guys…..

Good job!!!!!


Daibouzu Says:

Awesome! I was wondering if this was ever going to get updated again. Thank you very much!

Darknior Says:

Thanks a lot for this update πŸ˜€
So many time without any news … :p

It’s so cool to see Yabause is not dead πŸ˜€
Maybe one day we will have all the games working fine (like on Saturn) with this great emulator πŸ˜€

gerard Says:

Thanks for the update and I do hope you will keep updating the emulator more often.

paul_met Says:

Hotkeys to enable / disable layers do not work (num 1-7).

Helder Says:

I’m so glad they updated this great emulator but has anyone had error with the dll’s namely the msvcr100.dll which is giving me errors no matter what version of it I try to use and I have installed the redistribution package and no fix.

faulerbock Says:

Can you update the macosx build?

Thomas Says:

Thanks for your work, Yabause is a great piece of software !

Phemt Says:

I can’t run this on windows, no exe file?

Aurelien Says:

Can’t compile for Mac : README.MAC inaccurate (I have to ./autogen.sh before I can type ../configure, I had to tweak the configure script to let the compiling go without errors, and in the end there’s no binary built)

ben401 Says:

Compiling the cocoa build for Mac is easy, go to the cocoa folder and open the Xcode file, there you’ll have to build the core and the mac application. Worked with Xcode 4 here. The cocoa port is very nice, much better than the previous carbon one, congrats on that. I could get the bios running, but sadly couldn’t get an iso to launch, the “open cdrom” always throws at me an error (couldn’t init CDROM or something like that)…

guillaume.duhamel Says:

BTW, the Cocoa build is now available on the download page.

Aurelien Says:

Oh ! Its works much better, thanks !
(maybe someone should update the README.MAC file at the root of the source archive)

james Says:

will this version work on dreamcast if not an update for that one would be great. Also would be great if some one would finish bleem! for dreamcast another emu that had potential but was stopped half finished.

Headrush69 Says:

On the Mac version, the Open carom is for running off a real disc, not an iso.

Burn your iso and try and it will work.

Crush Says:

In times a lot of emulator developments have been stopped itΒ΄s great to see you still going on with Yabause! I look forward for a 1.0.0 release =8-D

Desann Says:

Thanks a lot. Can’t wait for PSP build.

Quentin Says:

I have some troubles with this emulator on Windows (7 I precise). I don’t know if I should post about my problem there, but I’ll try.

I’m trying to run Tomb Raider 1 PAL, but it crashes once I input the settings, whether it’s with the official CD or the cue. file. Do you know how to solve that problem ? But I need to know something else first : does Yabause “upscale” the game while using a higher resolution unlike SSF ? That’s what I’m searching for : a Saturn emulator that upscales games. ‘Cause I’m trying to make videos of gameplay, but on SSF, it’s like even uglier than on the real Saturn with my native resolution, so it’s no big deal.

Neptune Says:

I have not tested 0.9.11 yet, but I am really hoping for some Shining Force III fixes. The game looks pretty awful on the emulator, and it’s really disappointing as it’s a gorgeous game. But I love Yabause and am so glad it’s not dead!

Carlos Eduardo Says:

Good know this project is not dead!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Hardak Says:

I hope there is more progress done for the Sega Dreamcast, cheers!

jack Says:

psp???? D:

Jimmybob Says:

The Cocoa port doesn’t have a slot for ISOs, sadly. Any chance of getting this patched in?

Alice Says:

Is there going to be a binary put out for the PSP version or is this a “compile it yourself” deal?

klinsan Says:

0.9.11 is not compatible with shining force 3 , 0.9.10 is more compatible due to the saving processes that allow you to use senario 1 data with other senarios. and graphics seem buggier also.

Joe Says:

Great job!!! Is there a way to compile the Mac version in X Code such that ISOs are supported?

Thomas Says:

The mac version doesn’t run with non-physical ISO files. Burning cdroms for 100+games really blows. How do I get iso files to load? I can ‘cheat’ and mount as a cdrom, but don’t know how to change yabuse.

Matt Says:

Very happy to see a Saturn emulator still alive, thanks guys, i look forward to trying it.

GuMBo Says:

Well done guys, been watching the commits bubble along on sourceforge for some time now – I don’t think many people realise quite how much work goes into a project of this nature!

Charles Says:

Any plans on porting the linux version over to android? It would be awesome!

Sousaphone Colossus Says:

Does the OS X version actually work for anyone? I tried a million different settings using actual original CD games and it would always come up with just a black screen. Going back to .9.10 actually gets the games to work.


Great improvement, but still have a long way to get full compability…
many games that it says playable they have several bugs… should try to work with direct 3d too, not only open gl. hope we don’t need to wait years to the next version…

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