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# Posted: 2 Apr 2010 06:35

I'll be as specific as I can.

I just got the super joybox 5 pro. It is a usb 4 port ps2 controller adapter for pc use.
I'm trying to get multiple controllers to work with Saturn bomberman.

I was able to get yabause to recognize the 3 game pads separately in the settings menu where you map all the buttons.

The thing is when i tried to play the game ANY controller controls ALL the characters movements of all 3 players.

I looked back in the setting menu and noticed that though it recognizes all 3 controllers, Each button, when mapped, has the same number value in the settings menu for each controller. For example. LEFT on gamepad1 is 16.
LEFT of gamepad 2 is also 16. LEFT on gamepad3 is 16 as well.

even though the setting menu allows me to map the buttons for each controller individually it doesn't matter since the program assesses the same value for left, right, X or Box or whatever on each controller attached.

Am I missing something? Is it me or does the program need a tweak to allow button maps to the effect of Left= Joypad1 16

and left on controller2 Left=Joypad216

Any Help would be greatly appreciated! I wasted like 4 hours of my lif eon this....


# Posted: 12 Apr 2010 15:29

which port are you using? windows or qt?

anyways, that looks like a bug... gonna try to reproduce it


# Posted: 13 Apr 2010 02:50

windows, I couldn't find a QT to try. I have all about given up. Thanks for your response.


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