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Yabause community forums / Support / Please help! Yabause Wii emulator issue. ERROR!! Ret = -1 message!
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# Posted: 11 Jun 2010 01:27

I am running the yabause-r2411wii-beta5 on my Nintendo Wii. My Wii is a version 4.2. After a bit of work I was able to get the emulator to show on the Homebrew Channel BUT when I check the ISO I get this dreaded message:

ERROR! Ret =-1...

Also when I try to load the emulator the screen just sits at the menu screen and in order to proceed onward with using the Wii I have to pull the power cord out and then plug it back in and turn the Wii back on again.

I have only three folders on my SD card with the following folders.





The apps folder has all my apps of course...


The HBC has 6 files that are all Saturn related and are in the SSROMS folder

2 Bios files. The extension for one is U and the other E. I assume USA and Europe.

As well as another Bios otherwise BIN called: SS - BIOS V1.01

I have a .sub file

A .img file

A .ccd file

Is it my files that are the source of the problem or am I just missing something?

I have a few Sega Saturn games (actual Sega Saturn discs/hard copies) I want to play but I can't I assume so long as I have this return error problem.

I am unsure as to what I am doing wrong but I would be grateful if someone can please give me some insight on this problem.


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