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May 26, 2016 • CyberWarriorX • Site

So apparently PayPal in their infinite wisdom has decided that Yabause is illegal and apparently infringing on Sega’s copyright, despite several court cases that prove that emulators are perfectly legal if done correctly. It should also be noted we have never received any legal threats or letters from Sega or anyone else since our first release back in 2003. They have limited our donation account and from my understanding the account will be closed after the funds are released in 180 days.

We’re not too happy about this, but considering PayPal’s hard handed approach to dealing with anyone they deem in violation of their ToS there’s not much we can do. Anyone who’s donated in the last 60 days will have their donation refunded.

So unfortunately we can’t accept monetary donations at this time. We still accept hardware donations or job offers. Please visit our team needs page for our list of needs.

Saftle Says:

Make a Patreon page. I’m sure plenty of people will donate that way.

Bartaba Says:

How much did you received on your account so far ? I believe they start watching for iillegal activities after a certain amount

APE Says:

Yeah no kiddin, I had a long discussion with someone at PayPal where they clearly have no idea what a trademark, patent, or copyright is. When given legal definitions they introduce their own.

Jason Says:

You guys really should consider a Patreon, it’s working for quite a few other devs. Keep up the good work!

Retrogaming101 Says:

Start accepting donations through Bitcoin then if needed cash out using bitpay or similar services. I would be happy to the first donator.

JohnEnigma Says:

Create an official Patreon page. I haven’t used it personally, but I think that their policies are far more different than the Paypal policies.

Dukedadude Says:

I would like to thank Yabause and The Rest of the Emulation community for helping us relive our memories by allowing us to play games we own and consoles we own that either stopped working, or prefer the performance of the emulator. Yabause I would like to know how I could donate? For the RECORD FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND ANY OTHER ENTITY NOT ALL PEOPLE WHO USE EMULATORS ARE PIRATES!

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