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20th anniversary of the Sega Saturn

November 22, 2014 • CyberWarriorX • Release, Site

Not sure how many of you guys know, but November 22, 2014 marks 20 years since the Sega Saturn was first released in Japan. So in celebration we’ve decided to release version 0.9.14! Enjoy!

will Says:

Thank you!!!

Benjamin Siskoo Says:

Hi guys, thanks for the release. Some improvements. Scorcher is now playable (GFX issue with the cloud/sky), no more built in bios problem with deep fear, breakpoint tennis is nice. Anyway, keys don’t answer with akyumajo Dracula. Keep up the good work.

money_114 Says:

Yabause Windows 32-bit will crash when run game.

Ewing001 Says:

Thank you very mutch!!!!

Felipe Says:

money, post more details like specs of your computer and the name of game or your problem wont be fixed, you can do this here, in the forums or on irc.freenode.net #yabause

Fish Says:

Does the newest download have malware on it?

money_114 Says:

OS: Window 7 SP1 64-bit
Every game
Test Yabause 64-bit, Work fine.
Test Yabause 32-bit, Emulation crash.

yoshinatsu Says:

That’s cool and all, but unfortunately Virtual Hydlide is still unplayable.

Gabriel Says:

Many thanks fot the new release, I really appreciate all the work you put in this emulator, best wishes.

Sérgio Says:

I made one special sega saturn with comemoration of 20th years called Sega Saturn 20th Years Edition is a PCcase mod with sega saturn case and running Yabause and SSF with Hyperspin theme. Look the photos and videos. see ya.

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