Yabause Sega Saturn Emulator

0.9.10 for PSP

August 9, 2009 • guillaume.duhamel • Release

For those wanting to give a try to the PSP port, there’s now a binary available, check the download page.

Dudeeeeee Says:

It’s so sad I only have a PSP-1000…
I didn’t look at the source, but why can’t the saturn be emulated with 24MB?
I mean, 2MB of RAM, 1.5 VRAM, 0.5MB of Audio RAM, 0.5MB of CD Cache …that sums to 4.5MB. I know, you need more to actually emulate those things, and even more on a decent speed, but still…
Which part of the emulation uses so much memory?
Can we expect a PSP-1000 version in the future? :)
Thanks a lot.

brandonheat8 Says:

i really wish you guys would consider a xbox port, if its because you cant get a hold of the XDK, i have it, but if its because of you not being able to release it because of it being made with the XDK, then i can understand.

PSP Hacks Says:

Awesome thanks! Can’t wait to try this on my PSP. I will let you know how it runs.

Yabase 0.9.10 Sega Saturn Emulator for PSP, PSP Hacks - PSP Slim Hacks Says:

[…] Source: Yabase.org […]

Lich Says:

Thx dude! great project!

gao Says:

still too slow!

realbrucest Says:

Just great! Thanks guillaume, I didn’t know you were working on a psp port as well. My respects mate!

WTF Says:

Tried iso+cue for both dragon force and shining the holy ark, both roms got stufck in the media player. What am I doing wrong?

that bastard Says:

can’t get it started can anybody help

Beelzebub06660 Says:

WTF: You have to rename the ISO you’re trying to play to CD.ISO for the emulator to boot it.

that bastard: download yabause from here http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/yabause/yabause-0.9.10-psp.zip?download then extract the folder inside it to PSP/GAME/. Now take your Sega Saturn bios (Google for it), make sure the bios you’re using matches the games region that you’re trying to play. Now make sure it’s named bios.bin, and copy it to the yabause folder on your PSP. Lastly is the game you’ll be booting. The game has to be in ISO format, so if it’s in a different format you’ll need to convert it. Make sure it’s named CD.ISO and copy it to the Yabause folder on you PSP. Now boot Yabause and it should boot straight into the game. Hope this helps…

Also, just tried Shining in the Holy Ark, gets to the SEGA logo then after that it’s nothing but a black screen, waited for about 3 minutes, in case it was just slow to load, but no change.

Gunstar9 Says:

Followed Beelzebub06660’s instructions with Magic Knight Rayearth and Bug Too and I’m stuck at the SEGA screen when the BIOS boots and I’m about ready to rip my hair out. What’s wrong here?

Que13x Says:

I noticed that Panzer Dragoon II Zwei is not on the compatibility list.

I am willing to donate my entire library of games to this project (if it helps) if you guys focus on getting this title running for PSP. Heck, I might even toss in a console if you need it.

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei was the only reason I ever wanted a Saturn and it it would be way cool to have it on the go.

I am really excited that this project is still alive and wish I could do more to help.

James Says:

nice that you guys are getting a loading screen i have a top of the line machine and still no start up on psp or windows computer

selo Says:

it kicks me back to the XMB

perry Says:

fucking awesome ive waited a long long time for a handheld saturn i have a 1000 but im buying a 2000 so what if its slow and no config screen work in process itll get there and yes i will be donating to the cause

Smoker1 Says:

I saw something like this for a Dreamcast Emu that was running at about 10-20fps. Read that for emulating, you need to hvae about 3x the system requirments of the system your trying to emulate and run. Dont know if that is true, but I have a better idea:
Everyone knows they have a PSX2PSP converter so you can make a PSX game an actual PSP game right? Right. Thats is because ( to my knowledge) the emulator sucked!! But making a Converter worked beautifully. Why, instead of making a emulator, doesnt developers make a converter for DC and Saturn to PSP?? To me, emulators are good for running games that are in Rom form (CPS1-2, Sega Gen, SNES, MAME, N64). For CD based games, its just better to make a converter.

psp forums Says:

Hi, thanks for posting this article. Do you know where I can find more information on this. Thanks

Royal Shiva Says:

You all are wrong. Yabause can be launch on PSP-1000. Ehh my current problem is how to name GAME IMAGE (.bin .iso). In latest ver. of Yabause for PSP (work on phat & slim) GAME IMAGE name must be CD.ISO

Royal Shiva Says:

I tried to run game (The Legend of Oasis) & with succes!!! but only on PHAT model about 1-3 fps. On SLIM it stops after SEGA logo. After 30min of trying to run this game on slim i succeed to next logo ANCIENT but then it freeze permanently. This was done with properly created BACKUP.BIN somehow it helps to boot game. Maybe my bad ENG will help someone if project will continue.

joder666 Says:

This is great i though everything related to this emu died years ego, now i found there’s a psp version danm good.

Keep the good work men!!!

PSP Hacks Says:

Thanks for sharing great artcles, I will keep coming back to check your site for this kinds of article. Thanks!

iPhone Guy Says:

An iPhone port would be awesome and maybe not to difficult since its on UNIX like OS X. You could sell it in the Cydia store like zodttd.com does for other emulators, and that could really help with furthering Yabause development. You guys are doing great keep up the good work!

Diego Says:

Why the PSP Project isn´t for the moment stopped? It can be an awesome emulator… Thanks for your work.

raaaaaaaandy Says:

some please make the saturn emulator for iphone and ipad it will only just work

Adventure_guy Says:

I tried it on no luck. It freezes at the Sega Saturn Logo.

ph5 Says:

Why the Yabause PSP Project isn´t for the moment stopped? :((

Cobra Says:

Thanks Que13x for pointing out that Panzer Dragoon (any of them) is not on the compatibility list. I could have sworn I did those but I must have forgotten to add them.

PSP Idiot Says:

Beelzebub06660: Hi, thanks for ur info, but there is something i would like to ask. After i downloaded the saturn game, i extracted it and .bin and .cue files came out. When you said “make sure it is named bios.bin”, does it mean that i changed the .bin file name to bios.bin? Ans also what does it mean that “game has to be in CD.ISO format?” Is it i convert the remaining .CUE file to ISO or convert the .BIN file to ISO? After that what happens to my .CUE file? Do i have to put in the yabause folder in PSP? And what should i put in my Yabause folder??? Pls help me …. Thanks

perry Says:

over a year and still no updates , so dissapointed it seems all saturn emulation for other consoles starts and never progresses lets hope this doesnt happen with the ps3 saturn emulator and someone picks up with this one id be happy to donate to the psp only

Trev186 Says:


Would the guys who make the PSP port consider doing an Android port for the Sega Saturn emulator? The specs on Android phones would allow this to emulate beautifully without as many complications as the PSP. The PSX emulator works great on Android

trev186 Says:

Please port this to Android:D I would pay good money to have a sega saturn on my phone. Android phones have better hardware specs than a PSP so this would run beautifully and be available for more people

Mike Says:

well the saturn intro screen loads very slowly and then the ISO loads but goes to a blue screen and hangs there. Really would like this to work.. please update it!

Mike Says:

oh I should mention I am using the slim 2000 (2003) model with 5.00 m33-6 cfw.

LU Says:

What firmware does this work on.

shannon Says:

the saturn menu looks all wierd and white shapes i cant make anything out or figure out how to start game.

Dahl Says:

Funny thing, actually, there’s an official Saturn emulator for PSP, Princess Crown uses it. If you compare both the Saturn and PSP Iso’s, you can see most of the files are the same, I’m not an expert, but the truth is, there was people who could create a PC-Engine emulator for PSP by replacing the files inside one of those PCE Collections:


I’m not an expert, so I really don’t know if it will work, but that’s something that could be worth checking.

John Says:

I’ve have tried all day to get this emulator running but it doesn’t work it’s just a black screen then goes back to the psp menu. I have a psp slim. Can anybody help me thanks

Michael Says:

I cant make it work at all when i start it it give me a error Please help!!!!!

Matt Says:

Quits to the XMB before showing anything on screen. Would have helped if there were any instructions.. you know, I really don’t understand why you would start something and then quit. That’s cold.

timber Says:

Wish Yabause will continue the update.
This EMU is the best.

Clement Chiew Says:

Awesome emulator. Hope the project for sega saturn emulator will start progressing again so that more games are playable on psp console.

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