Yabause Sega Saturn Emulator

Yabause 0.9.10

May 31, 2009 • guillaume.duhamel • Release

This release fixes a number of emulation bugs. It also adds a new sound core, a new 68k core and two new joystick cores: one for Linux and one for Mac.

The windows port now supports up to 12 players and provides video recording and input recording.
At last but not least, there’s a new port for PSP included.

tom Says:

At the moment, the PSP port requires the psp slim.

vbt Says:

great job :)

zildog Says:

I tried to get this as well as 0.9.9 to work and did everything I could – have a proper .iso converted through binchunker and all I have ever got was a white screen that basically crashed everytime…

Even though Cobra helped me immensely with the OSX stuff, none of it worked and i would really love to know what was going on besides this application… It is really really weird.

zildog Says:

Can anybody from admin tell me why this keeps crashing and despite having a BIOS I cant even get to the Saturn HUD screen?

VKV Says:

Still no support for xbox 360 controllers = still using SSF. C’mon, EVERY other playable emulator for EVERY other console has this!

elgeneralmidi Says:


i created a packages for ubuntu hardy L.T.S. 8.04





Good games :)

Zhenech Says:

@elgeneralmidi: If you offer backports, could you build them from the current 0.9.10 package in Karmic? It contains quite a lot of improvements :)

Facon Says:

Please continue programming, I like very much your work!


elgeneralmidi Says:

Hello @Zhenech,

I paste a links for Ubuntu Jaunty 😉





EMU Says:

Psychic Killer Taromaru BGM have noise please check it thks

baguan Says:


bitbraker Says:

nice Emu. At least during the time I was able to use it. Yabause 0.9.10 keeps crashing on my OSX 10.5.8. It started when I tried to open a iso-File which may have been corrupted. I re-installed yabause, also re-installed all the libraries but there seems no way to revert to the state, when I could at least open the application. I had been able to run some iso-files without any problem before. So basically the emulator should work on my system. Could anyone please help??!!

Dreamhunter Says:

I tried this version (and 0.9.9 too) and both freeze after the sega logo and keep showing a black screen. I’m talking about the windows ports. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Babs Says:

0.9.10 crashes when OpenGL is used for video (MacOS 10.5.8). I switched to Software rendering and things worked. Well, for the most games :-)
Also, if .cue file has name of the .bin file where the case of filename characters doesn’t match the characters of .bin file itself, it just silently jumps to the menu screen. (When running from the console I managed to see the warning though). Must be the problem with all case-sensitive file systems.
But keep up the good work – I’m glad to see more games actually running! Thanks!

MacBoy Says:

Wow. Great job guys. Keep up the good work. I see great things happening in the future of Yabause. You have come a long way. Please continue updates. I never though I would be playing Sega Saturn games on my Mac OSX machine. I just got finished playing Shinobi Legends and the frame rate was pretty good although the music had some bugs. The good part is you guys have ported it to so many operating systems. Thanks!

VasiliyRus Says:

Where is Dreamcast build ? …

KimCheeWarrior Says:

So far, the only game I’ve been able to get to work is Dragon Force. I have a decent system Mac OS X 10.6.2, 3.06 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo, etc. so I’m not sure what the problem is. According to the compatibility list, both Shining the Holy Ark and Shining Wisdom are playable with just some minor graphical glitches but they don’t load up at all for me. I’m using the newest version as far as I know (0.9.10 for Mac OS X). Anyone else having the same problems?

RetroFan Says:

Hey Guys,

super noob here, i just stumbled onto yabuse. quick question, if i downloaded the binaries for mac, do i still need to compile the thing or can i just run it? right now, i can’t seem to get it working

RollBamaRoll Says:

Does Yabause support save game files or freeze states? If not then it really isn’t worth playing long RPGs.

5AQUA5 Says:

Im getting so pissed! I have windows xp home edition. Ive tryed every saturn emulator made and yabause is the only one that actually works… problem is my gamepad wont be recognized!!!! PISSED! Help

ju Says:

Hi! Great work, though I couldn’t try it yet! Is there a way to use a usb controller with the OS X version? I tried to configure it in the settings, but the controller doesn’t seem to be recognized…though it works with all other emulators.

Thank you!


Edson Says:

New version of Yabause Now!

Yabause 0.9.12 (2011) Now. Enlarge Compatibility list.

shuu Says:

great job

Sly Says:

Hi yeah I have 0.9.10 and it runs and everything the problem is it runs like -60 fps. Help?

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