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Yabause 0.9.9

January 12, 2009 • guillaume.duhamel • Release

Now that half of emulation news sites already told about the release, it’s time for us to do the same :)

Yabause 0.9.9 is out and is mostly a bugfix release, though it adds a few features to some ports like locale detection for Gtk+/Qt ports and support for up to 12 pads in the Qt port.

paul_met Says:

Finally defaced reproduction of CDDA tracks (this applies to versions 0.9.8 and 0.9.9). Do not noticeable?
PS: Sorry for my English because it was used google translator.

olrox Says:

Wow, Yabause is the best saturn emu, thanks dudes for give this great fine piece of software!!!

Alberto Says:

I wouldn’t say it’s the best Saturn emu but a new update is indeed always welcome
thanks for the bugfixes guys

Pegaz Says:

Good release, but Tomb Raider still not supported.
Please improve emulation of this game and bring us Lara on Yabause, one of the greatest game of all times.

Krūmas Says:

Thanks for new release! Greetings from Lithuania!

A fairy Says:

It still doesn’t work correctly with the xbox 360 controller. :(

Krūmas Says:

But at least it’s still supported! ;D

Samir Says:

Gracias desde Argentina!! Sigan asi, buen trabajo!

joel Says:

Good Job¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Majarobe Says:

So when will 0.9.9 come out for Mac OS X?

Ubuntusucker Says:


Popoi Says:

Good job guys on Linux version! Keep on!

phr3ak Says:

@Majarobe: You can build it yourself, I think you need to install Xcode for some compilation requirements, in the source code there’s the instructions of how to build for OS X.

FacudoARG Says:

Thanks for this awesome emulator, now i use it for debugging. Greetings form Argentina. 😉

Quenrin Says:

I run a vista 32 bit OS, and yabause 0.9.9 appears to be having some sound issues when playing albert odyssey – the legend of aldea as well as dragon force.

Both are US release version.

SSF doesn’t experience the same sound issues, so I don’t think it’s my cue, bin, or iso’s.

I think yabause rocks out with the pro action replay option, now if I didn’t have high pitched pings everytime I use the confrim or cancel buttons in DF it’d be P I M P.

Slash Says:

I would like to see it running on xbox ………. PLEASE

Jeff Says:

Thank you for all your hard work! Greets from Tokyo. Im hoping since SSF is serving the Windows community, you guys could focus on Mac.. :0) Thanks again!

Russ Says:

Thanks for keeping the project flowing.

Any idea when the Mac compile will be coming?

Versis Says:

Great job, Thanks! BTW, does this new release support Assault Suit Leynos 2?

Scullder Says:

I can play to Radiant Silvergun on my archlinux x86-64 ! Thanks a lot, it’s very cool :)

jcags Says:

Great, when is the Dreamcast version coming? also thanks a lot for this.

The Dre Says:

The emu is coming along good but there are some changes that will have to be made to keep it from being annoying:

The disc image load option needs to be changed to work like how EPSXE and Cassini’s disc loader works. The emu will always give that “error file not found” message if the image file has been moved and that can be annoying if you just want to open the emu without starting a game first.

The CD loader needs to be fixed, too. I noticed that the emu will hang at the Sega Saturn logo instead of going to the dash board if there is no CD in the drive.

For the cartridge type make a check selectable box instead of using a drop down menu. by doing this you can make it so the action replay and a ram cart can be used at the same time.

Also, change the listing from what’s listed now to 1-Meg/4-meg cart so it will be easier for users to know what cart type they are selecting if they are trying to play a game that needs a ram cart.

Ling Xioayu Says:

Wow what a great peice of software. If only it was ported to xbox. Got any ideas how I take source code and compile it for xbox? thanks for the great emulator. not many saturn emulators out there!

Nicolas Says:

Yabause 0.9.9 is the best emulator for sega saturn…i can emulate The Legend Of Oasis

Thanks a lot for this emulator and for this latest version

Ahsan Says:

Using Yabause 0.9.9 for playing Shining Force 3 but it stuck during fight :( !! help pls.

mikesy Says:

so can this run in ubuntu with an xbox360 controller? as long as it’s a usb controller, right?

twich Says:

good work all of the team thanks^^
but there is one game none of all the emulators cannot run
it’s called megaman 8 collection saturn U

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