Yabause Sega Saturn Emulator

Windows Port bug-fix

December 11, 2008 • CyberWarriorX • Release

Turns out there was a rather nasty bug in the windows port in the last release. If after setting up Yabause for the first time, you exited, reloaded Yabause, then went into the Settings, it would crash. So I fixed the bug and uploaded a new version to the download page which fixes this issue. So yeah, if you ran into this problem, please try downloading the new version.

Arthur Clark Says:

I hope it works

Joey Says:

I just thought it was Windows acting up 😛

Thanks for the fix.

Rockin'-B Says:

I’ve tried it out, but experienced a problem with keyboard mapping. The actual mapping differs from the one set in the properties. This worked in yabause 0.9.7, so temporarly I need to switch back to that version. Hope you can fix that soon, as well as add VDP2 window support :) Keep it up!

godswft Says:

problem when playing dracula x (castlevania sotn for saturn) sometimes program crashes when reaching certain points.

saruish Says:

would be nice if yea work on the graphics.it kind of hard when playing sonic r.also i notice it seem to crash when races begin when using software video interface.even judging from the R logo which is 3d.this seem like it would be the best option :/.

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